z2rlab rack z2rlab is a system for accessing remote equipment (e.g. computers, boards etc) from anywhere using only a web-browser. It comprises a server, mains power control unit, serial interfaces and discrete digital I/O. This comes packaged as a system housed in a standard 19-inch racking system (see picture).

z2rlab allows deployment of software images either developed locally or remotely using the integrated build environment on the server. Clients may then automatically deploy these images without physical access to the remote equipment.

Block Diagram


Use Cases

z2rlab provides a simple way to enable distributed teams to work more productively when sharing scarce resources. Here are some examples:


COTS equipment (Commercial Off The Shelf)
By using commercial off the shelf hardware and a number of open-source software components, we have been able to minimise system cost. This benefit is directly passed on to you.
One of the overriding design goals was to make the system simple to use. By clear layout and automation of complex steps, we have sought to make using the system a breeze.
Convenient and efficient
  • Client access via a web-browser (Firefox, IE, Safari and Chrome)
  • Allows 24x7 utilization of shared target resources
  • Coordinated global resource scheduling using the integrated booking and reservation
  • Booking system tracks utilisation for accounting purposes
  • No changes required to the user's local development system
  • Easy to add new boards and reconfigure channel allocation
  • All data securely tunnelled over encrypted https
  • Each user account is provided with its own dedicated workspaces
  • Network isolation - z2rlab has one network interface to the the main site network and a separate one for the z2rlab equipment and target boards
Comprehensive features
  • Access to real or simulated remote targets
  • Connect only mode, or fully automated Operating System boot
  • Deployment of software images either developed locally or remotely using the integrated build environment on the server
  • Extensible architecture (for future products: i.e. automated testing)
  • Remote hardware control allows users to always regain control of unresponsive targets
  • Environmentally aware (terminated sessions automatically power off targets)


Z2rlab systems are built to order. Typically the lead time is less than 6 weeks from order.

Options and Pricing

The system may be purchased as either a 4 or 8 channel capable system. Each system may be ordered with one or more channels. Further channels may be purchased later if you need to upgrade (up to the system capability limit).

The price for z2rlab starts at 3,800 GBP for a 4/1 system. For full details of pricing and terms & conditions contact us

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